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How to Plant Longan in Pot

Plant a pot of longan in different way than the plant it on the ground yard or garden. It takes its own tricks to plant in pots so that plants thrive, despite the growing media and nutrient limited.
The trick, put the styrofoam thickness of 5 cm at the bottom of the pot, the shape of the pot. Broken tiles or bricks can also replace the styrofoam, but it will make the pot heavier. Installation is intended that the water that can pour down and out of the pot.
"If the water is a lot of baseball out, so baseball maximum tree growth. Because, there's, there are also worm. Appropriate planting medium that baseball can also make the tree does not grow well, "said Tardi. On top of styrofoam, put a mixture of soil, manure and sand, or wood shavings in the ratio 2:1:1.
High soil mix is ​​about 20 cm. Enter the longan tree, and enter the soil mix, fertilizer, and wood shavings or husks as a cover. Finally, flush the water out of the tree until the bottom of the pot.
For further treatment, simply flush the tree every other day and do the trimming branches and fruit. Tardi adds, longan tree can be directly transferred to the pot without having to be adjusted first alias acclimatized to the weather in the cropping.
Problem containers are selected for planting, can be depending on taste. Cleaved more durable drum for five years as a pot. However, 70 cm diameter plastic pots was allowed. It's just easier to break.
To avoid pest infestation longan is white, cover the fruit with a woven bamboo basket. To get rid of lice, spray with an insecticide or brush leaves exposed to ticks with a toothbrush. When leaves are exposed to quite a lot, defoliate leaves so soon grow new leaves.
To be Fruitful Crystals
1. Trim 

When the first editorial appeared, it is suggested to be trimmed so that the fruit produced can be shady or not high.
2. Flush 

How to flush must be true, because the volume of the media had little cropping. So, every other day should be watered until the water spilling out of the pot bottom.
3. Fertilizer 

Always use the manure, so that results are better and trees flourish. For Fruit plants in pots, every 3 months (minimum 6 months) to take half the land is so media cropping, manure put into the pot and cover again with a little soil. Flush with water until the soil is completely wet.
This will make the young leaves grow fast, so fast flowering. Chemical fertilizers such as NPK may be used, but quite a bit of course, once a month. The use of potassium chlorate, known as explosives can also be used to stimulate the growth of interest, although longan fruit without actually can still be stimulated. The use of chemical fertilizers makes the ground so hard.
4. Defoliation 

Generally, longan meat at first conception is less thick. The thickness of the meat can only be seen after 2-3 times fruit. In order to obtain maximum fruit, defoliate flowers first appear. Thus, the branch will grow and will flower more and more. When the flowers have appeared but the two branches have not been there, the flowers can be knocked back.
5. Replace the Media
Fruit plants in pots  longan productive period was the age of 3-10 years. In order to remain productive during that period, at least once a year instead of cropping the media not to hard, or give manure.
6. Graft

 Fruit plants in pots are already high and could be transplanted to serve a large number of new plants. Branches that grow so will not be large, because the top has been trimmed and trees so lush.

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